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Welcome to our DoubleDutch Radio show Web Page  You can find us at www.blogtalkradio.com/doubledutchradio  where you can access our live shows as well as all our archived ones. We will be doing our show on Fridays at:  breakfast time USA East coast, NewYork Time at 06.00 am till 8.00 am EDT; mainland Europe can listen to us at Noon 12.00pm CEST - and Australia can listen to us at Canberra time 9.00 pm EST all on Fridays. So listen in, or listen when you can after the live shows, to the recordings archive on blogtalk . Next to Peter and Lucas, we also have in our broadcasts, our co-host Colin, and now also featuring activist Rena Iliades, maker of the pirates of the suburbs video series on youtube So get talking to us and be in on the chat!  Check out our new Videos page for videos by Peter,Colin, and Rena.
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